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"He whose happiness is within, whose contentment is within, whose light is all within, that yogui, being one with Brahman, attains eternal freedom in divine consciousness".

Bhagavad - Gita

"When I first heard about meditation, I had zero interest in it. I wasn't even curious. It sounded like a waste of time.
What got me interested, though, was the phrase "true hapiness lies within". At first I tought it sound kind of mean, because it doesn´t tell you where the "within" is, or how to get there. But still it had a ring of truth. And I began to think that maybe meditation was a way to go within.

I looked into meditation, asked some questions, and started contemplating different forms. At that moment, my sister called and said she had been doing Transcendental Meditation for six months. There was something in her voice. A change. A quality of happiness. And I thought, 'That's what I want'.

So in July 1973 I went to the Transcendental Meditation center in Los Angeles and met an instructor, and I liked her. She looked like Doris Day. And she taugh me this technique. She gave me a mantra, which is a sound-vibration-thought.

She took me into a little room to have my first meditation. I sat down, closed my eyes, started this mantra, and it was as if I were in an elevator and the cable had ben cut. Boom! I fell into bliss - pure bliss. And I was just in there. Then the teacher said. "It's time to come out; it's been twenty minutes." And I said, "IT'S ALREADY BEEN TWENTY MINUTES?!" And she said, "Shhhh!" because other people were meditating. It seemed so familiar, but also so new and powerful. After that, I said the word "unique" should be reserved to that experience."

David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish. Meditation, Conscious, and creativity.New York, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin,2007, p. 3-4.

David Lynch - realizador de cinema.
Filmes: Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive e Inland Empire.

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redonda disse...

Li um conto que se chamava Bliss, da Katherine Mansfield. Desde então fiquei a gostar da palavra.
Penso que medito bastante...embora nunca tenha ido a qualquer centro.

Luís de Barreiros disse...

"Acontece por vezes que toda uma metafísica está concentrada num mantra. As 8000 estâncias do volumoso tratado mahâyâna Asta-sâhasrikâ-prajnâ-pâramitâ foram resumidas apenas em algumas que constituem o Prajnâ-pâramitâ-hrdaya-sûtra este pequeno texto foi reduzido em algumas linhas da Prajnâ-pâramitâ-dhârani, que, por sua vez foi concentrada numa Prajnâ-Pâramitâ-mantra: finalmente esse mantra foi reduzido à sua «semente» o bîja-mantra: pram. De tal modo que poderíamos dominar toda a metafísica prajnâpâramitâ murmurando a sílaba pram»(Eliade, M., Techniques du Ioga, Gallimard,Paris,1948,p.16)
Citado em Gil, J., As Metamorfoses do Corpo, Lisboa, Rel.D'água, 1997, p.97.